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Artwork Specifications and File Requirements

Risograph is a fun, slightly unpredictable print technique gaining popularity with artists and graphic designers. Before you get started, here are some things to know about designing for Risograph.

Avoid Unwanted White Space by Trapping
Because each color layer requires a separate pass through the printer, registration on two-color Risograph prints will never be perfect. One way to avoid unwanted white space or other registration issues is to add a bit of trapping between adjacent colors.

Much like screenprinting, overprinting creates new colors when the two inks overlap. It’s one of your favorite things about risograph. But if you need to retain pure spot colors, be sure to knock out overlap layers.

Risograph Inks
Risographs are produced with an oil-based ink that does not contain a drying agent. As a result, the ink never fully dries. Like newsprint, rubbing the ink even after it is "dry" can result in smudging.

Artwork Specifications
We accept print-ready PDFs only. Specs are:

  • Artwork should be 600 DPI, color separated files* and may be 100% black or screened.
    For screened art - Open at 600 DPI in Photoshop and convert it to "diffusion dither bitmap" keeping the DPI set to 600. This can be done by selecting Image > Mode > Bitmap from the menu bar. This will allow the screened art to retain the transparency in our configurator.
  • Avoid heavy coverage.
  • Artwork should always include 1/8" bleed on each side.

*You will be required to upload one file for each color only; we do not need a composite file.

Our customization tool can only accept files that are the correct dimensions. Please download our templates to help with positioning your artwork.

Saving Your PDF File
When saving/exporting your file:

  • Choose the "high quality" option.
  • Name your file with letters and numbers only (no special characters).
  • Uncheck "preserve editing capabilities" (if using Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator).
  • Hide all non-art and template layers.

We accept print-ready PDFs only.